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Information Security Events

Meetups, Seminars/Webinars, Conferences

Explore, Engage and Evolve your Skills in Information Security Domain

About Hack2Secure Events

Information Security Events (Meetups/Webinars/Seminars) from Hack2Secure assist professionals to learn and explore informative sessions on scoped domain and topic and at the same time, network with professionals of the same interest area. These events provides the perfect platform to get engaged, learn, teach and explore skills on topics across Information Security domain aligned with Industry Best Practices, helping you in professional role and responsibilities.

Who Should Attend?

Security Team/Office
  • Security Engineers & Testers
  • Security Analyst, Consultants, Auditors
  • CISO, Security Managers
Software Development Team 
  • Architects, Developers, QA/QE
  • Analyst, Consultants, Research Engineers
  • Team Leads, Managers
Management Team 
  • Project Managers, Assurance Team
  • CxO, Directors, VPs
Anyone, who want to explore about Information Security process, practices and methodologies.

Past & Upcoming Events

H2S-Peerlyst Bangalore Meetup#1
Practices to ensure Security across Development phases (SDLC)
Hack2Secure, Bangalore, India
Enterprise Consultant,
Tech Mahindra
7th May 2017
Workshop: Threat Modeling (using STRIDE model)
Nitin Kotwal
CEO, Hack2Secure
H2S-Peerlyst Bangalore Meetup#2 Workshop: OWASP Top 10 Web Application Security Risk
Hack2Secure, Bangalore, India
Nitin Kotwal
CEO, Hack2Secure
28th October 2017
H2S-Peerlyst Bangalore  Meetup#3 SQL Injection: Types & Testing Methods
Hack2Secure, Bangalore, India

Nitin Kotwal
CEO, Hack2Secure

25th Nov 2017